Meet Bishop Achrestos

If it needs to be said, this author is a devotee of satire and a friend of useful cynicism. I sincerely hope that there is no bishop anywhere actually named Achrestos. Continue reading “Meet Bishop Achrestos”


These Plans Are Not the Commission’s Plans

This is the opinion piece which appeared in the May 2018 edition of the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate. If you are looking for the essay introducing our congregations to the current crisis it can be found here. This short essay addresses the two proposals by our Council of Bishops to resolve that crisis.

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Sweet Tea, Christmas Plays, and The Way Forward

This is an admittedly hastily prepared cut-and-paste document from various presentations I have made on the crisis in the UMC. Some will recognize parts of it from those previous publications/presentations. It is intended as an initial introduction of a congregation to the nature of our problems, the importance of

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Judicial Council To Affirm the Consecration of Bishop Olivetto

The Judicial Council will affirm the Consecration of Bishop Olivetto in April. It must. The reasons have little to do with General Conference actions, Disciplinary paragraphs, church polity, or existing precedent, and nothing to do with theology, ecclesiology, or a coherent hermeneutic. It must because it is corrupted by the same fear that has corrupted us all: It is not willing to risk losing its life to save it. It must affirm Olivetto’s election as a matter of survival. Don’t expect bible verses or quoting of Saints in this article—nor in the upcoming decision. Continue reading “Judicial Council To Affirm the Consecration of Bishop Olivetto”